Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer will have office hours at the Trenton Town Office every Tuesday from 2:30 - 5:00 pm.

Appointments are recommended and may be made by calling 667-7207.

Code Enforcement Officer/Sign Warden

  • Angie Chamberlain, Appointed - Phone: 667-7207

Plumbing Inspector

Contact Plumbing Inspector at

  • Angie Chamberlin, Appointed - Phone: 667-7207

Rapid Renewal

The Town of Trenton participates in the on-line motor vehicle re-registration service offered by the Maine Department of Motor Vehicles. Pay via Visa, Master Card or E-checks. Click here

Online Payments

Property Tax

The Town of Trenton offers the option of credit and debit card payments for your transactions, including payment of personal and property taxes. Please note: We use a third-party payment processor, Maine Payport, that charges a 2.5% services fee. The additional fee does not go to the Town. This is the same service provider that is used when payments are made in person in the Town Office.

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Online Boat Renewal

boat registration icon

The Town of Trenton offers the option of boat renewal online.

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