Planning Board Meeting Guidelines

  1. Chairman calls the meeting to Order at 7:00 p.m.
  2. Attendees are advised that the meeting is being taped.
  3. The TPB Members will introduce themselves.
  4. The Chairman will read the agenda.
  5. Minutes from the previous meeting are approved.
  6. The Trenton Land Use Ordinance contains the rules, regulations and guidelines the Planning Board must use to define the outcome of the presented application(s).
    1. The Trenton LUO is available using the button below.
  1. How applications on the agenda are addressed:
    1. The applicant and/or representative will provide an overview of their application.
    2. The TPB members will discuss the application and address questions, comments or requests to the applicant. This can be an iterative process

    Guidelines for Abutters and other Attendees:

    Abutters and other interested parties are at this meeting to get an understanding of what their neighbor is applying for.

    1. Abutters and other attendees will be given an opportunity to speak after each application is presented and discussed.
    2. Attendees wishing to speak will be given the opportunity to do so by raising their hand and being recognized by the Chair. They will then stand, state their name, and address their comments or questions only to the Chair.
    3. Attendees will be given 2 to 3 minutes each to speak
    4. There will be no talking between attendees during the meeting. If they wish to talk, they can go out into the hallway and then return, all in a non-disruptive manner.
    5. If at any time the meeting gets too spirited the Chairman may ask the offender(s) to leave the meeting and if the offender does not comply, the Chairman may Continue the Meeting at a future date and then close the meeting.
  2. Public Meeting or Hearing (as applicable):
    1. The Chairman states “This is a Public Meeting (or Hearing), does any member of the public wish to comment?
    2. The meeting is then opened to the public.
    3. The public may address the TPB based on the “Guidelines for Attendees” above.
    4. After any public comments and discussion, the public meeting (hearing) is then closed
  3. The TPB members deliberate the application, and make a motion to approve, deny, or approve with conditions. Chair invites TPB discussion, then requests Motion Second, then vote.
  4. This above process (items 7 through 9) will be followed for each application on the agenda.
  5. If there are Trenton residents wishing to present an application for preliminary review or ask general questions of the TPB they will be given an opportunity to do so after all agenda items have been completed.