Trenton Overview

Welcome to the Town of Trenton. If at any time you need assistance or have a question,
please call the Town Office at 667-7207.

Town Government

Our Town government is the Town Meeting style of government.  On the third Monday in May we hold elections for any elected official openings, which could include Board of Selectmen positions, or School Committee vacancies.  Voting hours are 2pm – 6pm that Monday.  Town meeting is adjourned after the polls are closed and resume on Tuesday at 6pm at the Trenton Elementary School, where registered voters will vote on a variety of Warrant articles pertaining to the budget for both the Town government and the School.  To register to vote, just stop at the Town Office, provide proof of residency and fill out a voter registration card.  It only takes a few minutes and gives you a say in your Town government.
More information about Trenton town govenment.

We have a website, and a facebook page:  Town of Trenton Maine.  This site, as well as our website is for informational purposes only.  We have set up an e-mail group where we send Select Board agendas, Planning Board Agendas, and Approved minutes of the Select Board.  Call us if you would like to be on that e-mail list.

Property Tax Bills

Tax bills are for the period July 1 through June 30 each year and are usually mailed the first week of August. The bill is based upon the assessed value of the property as of April 1st . and are mailed to the owner of record at that time.  We have one due date each tax year which is 10/1.  Interest begins on 10/2 each year.  If you purchased a home after April 1st of any year, give us a call and ask for information on your taxes, keeping in mind that August  is the best time to request that information after taxes are committed..  Since we can’t control that feature, and it is part of State Law, anytime after June 20th it is advisable to check with the office and we will mail you a copy of the bill.


Trenton has five town roads.  Those are Deasey Road, Gray Road, Industrial Way, Oak Point Extension, and School Road. The other roads in town are private roads. Both the Oak Point Road (Route 230) and Bayside Road (also Route 230) are State roads.  The Town contracts for snowplowing on all of these roads through a private contractor.  We do not provide sand to property owners.  We do not have a public works department nor do we plow private roads.  During plowing season you would contact the Town Office if you had any concerns.   At other times during the year, concerns would be directed to Maine DOT for Route 230.  We also have a 911 Addressing Officer who assigns street numbers according to State protocol.

Law Enforcement

Our Town uses the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department for enforcement problems/questions.  You should call 911 for any emergency situations, including fire.  Their call center dispatches to the Sheriff, the State Police and/or the Fire Departments as appropriate.

Fire Department

The Town of Trenton has a volunteer fire department and they are reached through the 911 system.  Through the Fire Department you may purchase 911 street number signs.  Forms are available at the Town Office/Fire Station.  

Burn permits are available on-line through the Maine Forest Service at

Waste Management

Our trash is all sent to EMR, Inc., in Southwest Harbor.  Some of us take a weekly trip down to that transfer station, and many residents contract with a private carrier to have their household trash picked up at their homes.  Either method results in the materials being sent to Fiberite, a huge new facility in Hampden, and they have the ability to recycle everything in a much more efficient manner than if we separated glass, cardboard, etc.  EMR’s phone number in Southwest is 244-4347.

Code Enforcement & Licensing

All homes and businesses in the Town of Trenton have private wells and septic systems.  Angela Chamberlin is our Licensed Plumbing Inspector and maintains the records for all properties in Trenton at this office.  She is also the Sign Officer for the town.

The Town Office staff is here to help you in any way we are able.  We do vehicle, boat, ATV registrations as well as issue hunting, fishing, clamming licenses.  Call ahead to be sure you bring the correct documentation when you come to see us on business. Our phone number is 667-7207.  The State of Maine does not automatically notify vehicle owners when their car registration is due.  You may sign up for a reminder notice through the Bureau of  Motor Vehicles website.

We share our Code Enforcement Officer with another town.  Ms. Chamberlin is in the Trenton Town Office on Tuesday afternoons.  It is advisable to call the Town Office ahead and make an appointment should you wish to meet with the CEO.  Our Land Use Ordinance and permit applications are located on our website:  as well as all other ordinances enacted in the Town of Trenton.